Coach Takes Footballer To The Shower Room


Coach takes- footballer to the shower room
Your good friend Raymond may not be very sport oriented, but I have to admit I’ve always had a soft spot for football. Well, maybe not the game itself, but the nice hunks who play it. I just get so turned on by their athletic bods and the way their muscular butts look in those tight fitting spandex pants. However, every time I have an opportunity, I prefer to see them in action in the shower rather than on the playing field. I just find that type of action a lot more entertaining and I’m sure you’ll agree with me when you see this video.

Rimming footballer

This well-hung cub of a player is taken to the shower by his coach for some private tutoring which I’m not sure will improve his football game but will certainly improve his scoring in a more exciting field of play.  As the coach congratulates him for his performance on the fields and pats him on the shoulder, this powerfully built college player notices that there’s quite a big bulge in the coach’s pants and it clearly kindles the fire in his eyes and pants. Noticing the boy’s reaction, the coach looks him straight in the eyes, holds him by the neck an unequivocally grabs his crotch. Fully aware that his about to get a worthy lesson from his much admired mentor , this baby bear doesn’t hesitate to kneel in front of him and to pull his already very rigid cock out of his pants.


Lovingly looking at this appetizing piece of man meat the kid starts stroking it to finish getting it in full bloom and, after licking the turgid knob for a little while, he engulfs it in his avid mouth to languorously suck it from tip to balls. Watching a good blowjob being performed has always tremendously turned me on, but the dedication that shine’s in this cub’s eyes as he does his best to please his coach is truly awesome.

bareback close up

It’s obvious from the whole scene that this coach is a real top and that, however strong and athletic this kid is it doesn’t keep him from willingly play the submissive bottom for him. So, after letting his master taste his youth and suck his cock, the young hunk gladly bends over and offers his butt to his dominant partner. Don’t we all love to watch a massive dick being rammed in a tight bunghole? Well, the ass-fucking scene that follows is well worth it and I guarantee you shouldn’t miss it.