Gay Felching From Tight Ass Hole


Hello fellows cock lovers. Here’s your good old friend Raymond Oropeza bringing you the wildest novelties from the exciting gay male porn planet. I don’t know if you’ve already heard about felching, but here is a video from that is sure to get your dick as hard as if it was made of steel. Felching is all about bareback ass fucking and shooting one’s load up the other guy’s anus and then sucking the creamy jizz right out of the butt hole as it oozes out. The fun of it can then be increased by snowballing which is, as I’m sure you already know, passing the semen from mouth to mouth.

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The scene starts with two young well-built studs who are eagerly ripping each other’s jeans off their body exposing their already hardening cocks. One has a virile shaggy chest but cleanly shaved family jewels while the other’s body is completely smooth. After playing each one with his own cock for a while, they start to passionately kiss. Then, the twinkie grabs his lover’s thick rod and leans on for a slurping blowjob.


By then, this pretty twinkie has been driven totally wild by his greedy sucking and he turns around and bends over to offer his exhaust pipe to his partner who first gives him a voracious rim job that gets his whole ass twitching. Then, as they are both panting with irrepressible desire, the top guy grabs his boyfriend’s hips and lines up his massive tool on its gaping target before impaling it balls deep.Right away, the bottom twink starts moaning and wriggling his butt as he grabs and jerks his own meat frenetically. A breathtaking and long scene of butt fucking then takes place as the camera travels from close-ups on the twitching ass and ramming rod to full views of their whole bodies in frenzied action.


By then one can easily see the top’s balls contracting and pulsating as he’s rising towards climax, and soon he shudders as he empties his swollen balls in his partner’s cornhole.  Having barely caught back his breath after climaxing, he gets entranced seeing his own load trickling out of the twitching asshole and starts licking and sucking it right out. Then, after rolling the load in his own mouth, he lovingly shares it with his eager lover.