Josh Bensan And Wade Christianson



From your friend Raymond Oropeza’s expert’s point of view, Josh Bensan and Wade Christianson are two of the hottest twink male porn performers to have ever graced a sex video.  They are both very pretty boys with very nice big cocks and an inexhaustible libido that place them among my all-time favourites. They’ll back-up at nothing to please viewers and, while they are always aware that they are performing for the camera, they always make it clear that they just love doing what they do so well. Seeing them passionately kissing for a long time at the beginning of the scene make them appear like real life lovers and the following action indeed is reminiscent of an ardent love scene between young men who thoroughly love each other.

Josh Bensan And Wade Christianson

However, these two guys are far from freshly hatched chicken and once they get going, the sex gets steaming hot and intensely dirty. The boys really love cock and thrive when they get anally pounded. There’s no dominant one, just two extremely horny equals who want to make the jizz fly on both sides. But, before getting the cocks out, a lot of playful nipple teasing, along with the slurpy kissing, has already made them rock hard and fully ready for naughty action.

JoshBensan suck wade christianson

Naturally, as in any good sex scene this one starts with a great bout of alternate cock sucking, but this one is particularly good because both these lovely twinks are not only endowed with beautiful long thick pricks, but they are also very good suckers and the close-ups on the spit covered throbbing dicks are breathtaking. So, for a good while and from all angles, we can enjoy the exciting sight of beautiful boys not only sucking, but also caressing and licking each other’s balls and assholes.

Josh Bensan fuck wade chritianson

After playfully toying with their cocks and asses, without neglecting balls and nipples, these two young studs really become madly aroused and Wade soon rolls Josh on his belly and prepares him for some intense penetration with a very greedy rim job that leaves his bung hole glistening with saliva and fully ready for the fat prick that then slides in it to the hilt. The view from behind, with Josh’s super rigid cock swinging wildly between his thighs as Wade energetically rams his O-ring is quite stunning and soon leads viewers as well as performers to shoot tremendous loads.