Love to dance, sing, play with toys. To do what it takes to find my satisfaction and other's pleasures. I'm always happy to take requests so never be shy. Really like being paid to do something so fun didn't turn me on.

My expertise

Dancing, stripping, teasing, masturbation, riding, oral, anal, and overall conversation are talents I'd like to say I have. I'm willing to give a lot a chance if I'm able to. So don't be afraid to ask me to perform, love putting on a show.

What is turn me on

Muscular bottoms are by far my favorite, just so much to grope. Guys that know they are attractive. I enjoy a catlike personality. The kinda guy that wants you to touch him all over, but on his terms. (I'm very similar)

  • Age:
  • Ethnicity: caucasian
  • Language: en
  • Bust size:
  • Body type: athletic
  • Sexual pref: gay
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